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Retirement Residence of Plum

620 Repp Road New Kensington, PA 15068 | 724-339-2925 | TDD:1-800-545-1833

A CMS Property

Welcome to Retirement Residence of Plum,

offering seniors affordable and comfortable living in a GREEN Building.

What is a GREEN Building?

A Green building is friendly to the environment and healthy for the occupants. There is a high degree of care put into the selection of materials and mechanical systems. The building operates so that there is always fresh air even in the winter months introduced into the building. In addition materials are selected to be low VOC. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. Materials like carpeting, resilient flooring, glue, foam furniture, paints and other finishes, can contain VOC's that off-gas, polluting the air inside buildings. Plum has a very low level of VOC's making it easier for seniors to breathe.

Green Features of Retirement Residence of PLUM

  • low VOC carpet with recycled content
  • low VOC paint; Pittsburgh Paints contractor line
  • linoleum; rapidly renewable content and low VOC
  • drywall with recycled content
  • native plants; drought tolerant
  • Energy Star appliances
  • lighting fixtures using compact fluorescent lamps (bulbs)
  • low-flow faucets with aerators
  • dual flush toilets
  • plentiful windows; day lighting reduces need for artificial lighting
  • fiberglass batt, blown-in cellulous and foam board insulation; reduces heat transfer in/out of the building
  • insulated fiberglass windows
  • low maintenance masonry, metal and composite panel exterior siding materials
  • geothermal heating w/ heat pump energy recovery system
  • operable windows used in the calculation for required fresh air, making mechanical fresh air system smaller than typically provided. This saves on up-front costs and operating costs
  • automatic hand dryers in public spaces
  • occupancy sensors for exhaust fan in bathrooms
  • insulated sloped shingle roofing; reduces heat transfer in/out of the building
  • tile flooring at main entrances w/ walk-off mats; controls introduction of indoor pollutants and contaminants
  • furniture that has recycled content, is sustainably harvested and has low VOC finishes
  • tenants informed of green cleaning techniques

Each apartment includes a complete kitchen, and full bath plus dining/living room, and one or two bedrooms. The building was designed with the needs of seniors in mind. It has extra-wide doors, handy cabinet heights, convenience bars in the bath areas, emergency pull-cords in each bedroom and bath, yet its design and interiors are fashioned with the comforts of home.