CMS Housing - More than a place to live


Who is eligible to live here?

Residents must be 62 or older and meet some income requirements or physically disabled and need the features of the unit.

Income eligibility is based on an applicant's total gross annual income. That includes income from Social Security, pensions, employment and all other sources of income including income from assets.

The income limits are established by State Housing Finance Agencies and are adjusted annually. Some properties that offer market rate units at a higher rent to applicants who are over the income limit are The Oaks Retirement Residence, Ross Retirement Residence, The Retirement Residence of Green, and South Hills Retirement Residence.

I still own my home, can I apply for residency?
A home or other real estate is considered an asset. If there is no income from the real estate, 2% of the fair market value of the property will be included as income.

If I have assets such as savings, stocks, IRA's or annuities will I still be eligible for residency?
Either the actual income from those assets OR 2% of the asset is considered in determining eligibility.

Can I get cable there?
Cable is available in all of the residences. Cable fees are in addition to the rent. Some properties have a bulk cable contract that provides expanded basic cable service at a very reasonable price.

What is it like to live in the building?
This is an apartment complex for seniors. You have your own private space including a full kitchen (including stove and refrigerator), a complete bath, and living/dining room. You have the freedom to socialize with the other residents or not to. It is up to you. We do not offer nursing or medical services. You may however have services provided by agencies arranged by your physician. We do make scheduled inspections in your apartment to check on maintenance requirements and the general condition of the unit, but otherwise, this is a facility for seniors able to live independently or with services that assist in their independence.

I do not have a car to get around. How will I shop for groceries and the things I need?
Each building has different arrangements for residents who do not have cars to go shopping. Some buildings have their own vans. Others have senior-friendly public transportation available such as Access or OPT.

I use a wheelchair. Is this building accessible?
Yes, all of our residences are accessible to mobility impaired residents and guests. Accessibility and adaptability features include elevators, wide doorways, grab bars in bathrooms and many other features that will enable you to live with dignity for as long as possible.

What happens if I have a medical emergency?
Each unit has emergency pull cords in the bedrooms and bathrooms. When this cord is activated, an alarm goes out directly to a community ambulance service.

What kinds of social activities are there in the building?
Community activities vary. Each residence has a Resident Council that chooses the activities according to the wishes of the residents. Some examples are bingo games, community dinners and parties, lecturers and shopping outings to name a few.

Can I still keep my car?
Yes, you may keep your car. We have ample parking for our residents.

Are pets allowed?
Yes, Only one pet per household. You may contact the manager for more details.

Can I paint my apartment or put up wallpaper?
All painting is done by our maintenance staff. Wall paper is not permitted, however with advance permission of management certain types of borders are permitted.

Who fixes things when they break?
Our maintenance staff will make all repairs in the unit. In some instances the resident may be charged a nominal fee for items that are determined to be beyond normal wear and tear.