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Duquesne school district and a.m. Rodriguez Associates joined forces with Allegheny County’s Department of Economic Development and Duquesne Light Company to rehabilitate and transform the former Duquesne Junior High School into Summit Retirement Residence in little over a year.

The building was vacated in 1990 and sold in 1996. Located in the City of Duquesne in the Mon Valley area of Pennsylvania, Summit Retirement contains 49 one-bedroom apartments and six efficiency units for seniors 62 and order.

The structure’s exterior has remained intact with exceptions to the portico (which was topped with a pyramid-style skylight) as well as improvements to the entryway and extensive base landscaping. The side wings were dug out to provide first-floor tenants with large amounts of natural light. Each floor and every unit has large schoolhouse windows as well as elevator access to and from the entryway.

Each apartment has a full kitchen, living/dining room and bath. Besides the amenities of each apartment, the building offers a spacious lobby/multipurpose area, craft and game rooms, a library, a wellness center and an exercise room. These “alternative living spaces” provide opportunities for social interaction and activities beyond the comfort of an individual apartment. Two vacant houses adjacent to the former school were also acquired and torn down to provide additional space for outdoor, landscaped sitting areas and a courtyard for residents to enjoy. The complex was designed to allow seniors to continue taking pleasure in their independence while shedding some of life’s burdens that come with home ownership. This makes Summit Retirement Residence “More Than Just A Place To Live.”

Development type: Rental Housing for Seniors

Location: 125 South Sixth Street, Duquesne, PA 15110

Total Funding: $4,113,000